Different types of allergies are being analysed and treated in my surgery.

Seasonal allergies in spring or summer are often caused by pollen. These cause the so-called “hayfever“ with symptoms affecting the eyes, nose and sometimes also with irritation of the throat and shortness of breath.


The suspected diagnosis of “hayfever“ can be clarified through an allergy test, for example through a prick test. The prick technique involves introducing a small amount of allergen into the skin by making a small puncture through a drop of the allergen extract


For treatment of allergies different agents can be used which act only locally on the affected mucous membranes like eyes, nose or bronchia or which operate systemically. Hyposensibilisation is also possible if there are major health problems. Via Hyposensibilisation the immune system can adapt to pollen step by step.


Year-round allergies with symptoms affecting the nose and respiratory airways can also be caused by house dust mites or mildew. An allergy test can help to clarify the situation in such cases. In addition to the aforementioned allergy treatment, a personal consultation regarding a change or modification of lifestyle habits is possible and may prove beneficial.


Allergies arising from food products are also being analysed and treated in my surgery.


Eczemas, i.e. inflammatory irritations of the skin affecting hands or other parts of the body, can be caused by contact with allergens in our environment.  The substance or material causing the problems can be detected through an epicutane test, i.e. a test using patches, and thus the substance can be avoided in the future.


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